Herencia de Fe

Conexion de Cuba “Herencia de Fé 
 In the first days of February 2020 we started recording this second CD of "Conexión Cubana". Following our premise and goal of defending Cuban popular music and the legacy of the great musicians and composers who preceded us, we profess the same faith that our people have had in the various religions throughout their history, ecumenical and living together harmoniously in our country. We have chosen to name this album "Herencia de Fé" in order to reaffirm our destiny as heirs, both of the musical legacy of our ancestors and the innate spirituality of our land and its religious expressions. During the production process, we were surprised by the coronavirus pandemic. These complex circumstances in the world have not intimidated us, but have put our faith and hopes to the test. We continued the work, sometimes individually in our houses, very carefully and taking all precautionary measures into account, in order to later combine all the material in the Samnic Studios. After the worst was over, we were able to finish the choir and voices. In the midst of this, Daril Fernandez de la Fuente, a great and habitual composer of much of our music, suggested the title "Lo Bueno Vuelve", a song full of hope and belief in an end to the epidemic, and this track will open the new CD, because we are sure that the good will return to our world. The second song is a beautiful work by one of the greatest composers in Cuba and Latin America in the 20th and 21st centuries, José María Vitier: "Al Pié de tus Altares", in a very respectful version of the original, from our own vision, and a fervent one Plea to the Virgin of Charity El Cobre (the patroness of Cuba in the Catholic religion), summarized in the Yoruba religion in Oshún, goddess of fresh water, motherhood and sensuality (if present in our women), for the well-being and unity of all Cubans wherever they live on our planet. It is followed by “Babalú Ayé” (Saint Lazarus for Catholics), one of the saints most venerated by Cubans, a song by another great Cuban composer: Pedro Luis Ferrer, in which we plead for the health and well-being of Cubans and humanity. , this time with a very happy SON and with an undeniable taste. In this new production we have again the voice and the charisma of the legendary singer Pedrito Calvo, the longstanding lead voice of the Los Van Van Orchestra and without a doubt the most popular singer on our island in the last 40 years, with two classic titles of Cuban popular music: " El Baile del Buey Cansao "by Juan Formell and" Tengo Sabor "by Abelardo Barroso. "Flor de Ausencia" by Julio Brito, "Huellas del Pasado" by Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo) and "El Platanal de Bartolo" by Electo Rosell (Chepín) are the other three traditional music titles with which we want to honor those who before us made our music and culture great and diverse. The song "La Herencia" by Daril Fernandez de la Fuente sums up our way of making Cuban music, continuing the immense work of so many people who, yesterday and today, are determined to uphold our traditions. The title "Eres Cuba" is, as the name suggests ("You are Cuba"), dedicated to our beautiful island, our homeland and all our compatriots. In a more festive and contemporary tone that we could define as coming from the 21st century, the songs "Ay, Ay, Ay" by Landy Martinez Ortega, "La Negra más Linda" by Daril Fernandez and "Good Morning" are co-authored by Patricia Engelhard and Nicolás Sirgado. As well as the bonus track, which was also co-written by Patricia Engelhard and Nicolás Sirgado, the song "Hola Chica" with a more contemporary treatment and the extraordinary use of electronic instruments is a more youthful suggestion and closer to the new sounds of the music industry. We would like to thank Detlef Engelhard, José Cangas, Tom Kramer and all employees of Termidor Musikverlag and the Kramer-Artists for the trust they continue to place in our project and for their friendship. To the musicians of Conexión Cubana, to Ramoncito, to my Hilda Gilda for her commitment, her brotherhood, her love and also for her talent and commitment (everyone in his work), my immense hug. God, Oloffin, Shangó, my father, and Yemayá, my mother, Oshún, our Cachita, Obbatalá and all saints (Yorubas and Catholics): Thank you for life, for health, for love, for Cuba! !!!!! 
 Good return !!!!!!!!! Ashé… ..
 Nicolás Alberto Sirgado Llanes
  "Conexion Cubana"